"Would you tell me please, which way I  ought to go from here?"

           "That depends a good deal on where you want to get to," said the Cat.

            "...so long as I get somewhere, "Alice added as an explanation.

           Lewis Carroll, Alice΄s Adventures in  Wonderland


For more information contact:     Else Christensen Redzepovic          E-mail: info@midena.dk        Phone:+45 40111383


Strategic Advisor, Creative Producer, Public Speaker 

Long or short term contracts for the following services:

  • What do I mean by Stragetic Advisor - how can I help my clients? 

    I push boundaries, provoke, take risks, create new ideas, induce energy and infuse enthuiasm.
    In co-creation my clients and I find new paths to walk and bigger and brighter stars to reach for.
    We always start the journey by looking at NOW and BEFORE.
    From there we move into the future taking with us the best of what we have and who we are.
    Together we dream the future and draw a plan on how to make it happen.
  • What do I mean by Creative Producer - what can I do for you?

    I design and produce imaginative and innovative projects across the arts and culture, business and tourism, rural and urban community development. I work across sectors and across ethical, cultural and national borders to build effective and sustainable partnerships that create measurable results and positive legacy.

    Bringing together diverse and multicultural stakeholders, motivating individuals and teams and attracting public and commercial interest, I have worked with many well-established organisations in the world including United Nations, British Council, British Embassy, Institut fόr Internationale Politik, Vienna, European Commission, Danish Ministry for Food, Victorian Arts Centre, City of Melbourne, University of Melbourne, Aalborg Culture- and Congress Centre, Aalborg TVR, City of Aalborg, Districts of Sonderjylland and Ribe, Interregional WaddenSea Corporation (Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands), Region of South Denmark, University of Twente, University of Southern Denmark.

    Being highly motivated, with strong communication skills, I have a proven ability to lead, prioritize and organize multiple resources and projects while maintaining quality and demonstrating diplomacy, enthusiasm, problem solving, decisiveness and a sense of humor.


  • Public speaker, facilitator, lecturer

I am also available for public speaking, presentations, workshops and lectures on project and process management, community involvement, rural and urban development, cross sector and transnational coorporation, stakeholder management, connecting ideas and people, network building and funding.

http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=10864872&trk=tab_pro for more details on past project tasks, educational background and professional training.


Examples of the kind of tasks I do.

• Develop projects from idea to reality - (Project management)
• Develop vision & mission statements
• Develop policies and strategies
• Auther and manage business plans and budgets
• Build teams across cultures, sectors and countries and define clear roles in the teams
• Lobby to the EU, political bodies, corporate business society and other decision makers
• Coorporate with media
• Develop, source or manage integrated marketing strategies including brand, communication, PR, online & social media
• Give access to relevant personal global networks and help build own networks
• Advice on fundraising - EU, global, public, private, crowd funding
• Generate secure stakeholder interest and sponsorship
• Design and facilitate professional development workshops and conferences
• Negotiate contracts
• Document and evaluate on process and results
• Commissioning & sourcing


For more information and quotes contact:

Else Christensen Redzepovic

E-mail: info@midena.dk

Telephone: +45 40111383 


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